Hi, I'm Akash!
I love creating software which combine sleek backend code and intuitive UI to provide user with a magical expirience.
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A brief summary of skills I posses.


Some projects I have worked on

Smart Socket

IOT app

Trucking Jobs and Services

Employment platform

Classroom Emergency

Quick Help App


OCR app

Bundle Of Emojoy

Emoji keyboard


BLE companion app


My history in a nutshell

  • 2012-2016

    Studied engineering

    I enrolled for a B. Tech degree in Electrical and Electronics from ABES IT college, Gzb. During this time, I slowly realised my passion for coding. First PLC, then microcontrollers and then to android applications, I created multiple projects for my own fun and learning. The expirience I gained from these is one of my core strengths.

  • May 2015

    Joined CETPA

    I joined cetpa infotech (a training institution) as trainee for PLC scada programming, but was able to quickly aquired a job as a Junior Trainer for the same subject, since my previous tinkering with the subject had provided me with the required theoretical and practical skills. Also, this job combined my passion for programing with my interest in imparting knowlege. I worked there for 2 months (pre fixed tenure).

  • September 2015

    First steps

    I joined BizBrolly Solutions as an undergraduate student intern. This company accepted me (along with all my shortcomings) with open arms. For the first time I was among people who shared my interests. BizBrolly solutions has honed me, chipped away the undesired traits (at least some!), shown me the way to work and behave professionlly and provided me with a platform to explore my own talents as well as learn from the best people (like the CEO Arun Mishra, my mentor Gaurav Gupta, and seniors like Sugandha Pahwa and Shubham Jain).

  • February 2016

    Became a BizBrollian

    In 2016 I was confirmed from an intern to an Employee of BizBrolly solution. In the beginning I worked on Android Projects, but soon (with the help of mentors and seniors) I learned iOS and Unity. With my first year I started working on live Client projects in these technologies. With painstaking effort on the part of my seniors, and a lot of pardons for my mistakes, I was able to become atleast halfway decent. Soon I was encouraged to explore further technologies as and when requirements came, giving me the opportunity to pick up other skills.

  • December 2017

    New Arena!

    The idea of machine learning, AI and neural networks set fire to my imagination. I decided to learn it and master it as soon as possible so as to start contributing to the growing repository of research and knwoledge in the community. I am far from my goal. However, I find it encouraging that I am able to grasp the concepts with the help of great people like Siraj Raval and Dan Schiffman.

  • To Infinity


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